How to: Post a new topic

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How to: Post a new topic

Post  Rye Guy on Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:23 pm

It's lernin time folks.

Let's start by teaching you how to reply to a topic post. When reading a topic it always posts the oldest post first, so when you read everything, it goes in chronological order. When you view the last message on that thread (a "thread" is a long list of messages within a topic) there is a button on the bottom that says "Post Reply". You can then type in your new message and press "Send" to add it to the thread.

While typing your message there are buttons along the top of the typing window to format your message. Change font size, change alignment and bold or italicize your letters. Also, there are more advanced features like inserting pictures, links, or even videos from youtube or other internet sites. If you would like to use smilies, there is a big box, you can just click it and it will add it.

If you want to test your post before you submit it you can click "preview" at the end and it will show what your message will look like. You can use "preview" to test images or movies you have inserted into your message.

In order to start a new topic you will want to click on the category in the main page such as Forum Suggestions or General Discussion. There is then a list of all the existing threads, newest posts first, and a brief summary of that thread, such as who posted last, who started the thread, and if there are new posts that you have not yet read. At the very top and very bottom of the list of threads there is a button titled "New Topic".

After clicking that you will want to enter a subject for your topic. You can then type your message into the box like you would when replying to a message.
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